I’m learning so much at TtMadrid!!

Day 14

Today was the first class I had to teach without any prior materials given to me; it was all original stuff that I found and created for my lesson. Overall it went well but as soon as I started the listening I could see from my student’s expression that it was  waaaaaay too fast. And then she made a comment that it was also hard to distinguish the two (male) voices. Crap! So, I had to amend that part of the lesson, but the rest of it went well and I got my highest mark yet in my evaluation!! 🙂

Day 15

Grammar exam. We’ve been reviewing (and even teaching) grammar the past few weeks but the practice exam was definitely a wake up call for things I need to work on. Overall I did well, but I need to practice the definitions of why it’s one tense and not the other.

Our group project is due on Monday so we were pulling together the last parts of that. I still have a couple of things to pull together, but we’re right on track!

Day 16

Wow, Week 4! Can’t believe it’s the last week already. Today we have our group project due, which a lot of us are putting the final touches on. I had a great team and I’m glad we were put into groups based on our learning personalities. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great people in class, but we might not have made the best team together.

We’re also studying for our grammar test on Wednesday. I feel comfortable with most of it but I really need to study the definitions more. I have two teaching classes this week but not until Wednesday and I already have a schematic of what I’m doing, so I feel on track. I probably won’t know what to do with myself when we finish the course! haha 🙂