Who is waiting for you at TtMadrid?

2014 was a year of growth here at TtMadrid in every single aspect of the word. Another year brings new objectives, more experience, new anecdotes and memories. You, as a trainee, see in TtMadrid the opportunity to broaden your horizons and become certified English teachers. In order to achieve this, we are constantly seeking to meet and exceed your expectations, to prepare you to go out there and succeed. 2014 was a great year with lots of trainees, which required an expansion of our team!

So… who is who in the office?

Natasha is the owner and founder of TtMadrid! Tash moved to Madrid for love and is now happily married with a 6-year-old bilingual son. She teaches phonetics here and she is the person to go to if you need some honest and frank advice. She absolutely loves what she does and you will always see her running around the school with a smile on her face and lots, lots, lots of new ideas every day…

Laura is the Director of Studies here at TtMadrid and has been since October 2013. She also moved to Madrid for a man (who wouldn’t?) and it was definitely worth it since she’s been with him for 9 years and meeting him led her to discover her passion: teaching. With lots of class experience, Laura will make sure you get through the 4 weeks of the intensive course and will be always ready to give you a hug if you ever feel a bit homesick.

Valentina is our in-house Russian (trust me, you don’t want to mess with her ;-), she is a trainer as well as organizing the free classes. She is THE grammar guru at TtMadrid and will make sure you know the difference between verbs, nouns, adjectives, types of adjectives, etc, etc.

Mónica is a trainer at the school and waves the flag for Americans.  She came to Madrid looking for new experiences living and working abroad, and after completing her TEFL with us, she became a great addition to the team! She is always cheerful, loves karaoke and is an expert on all social media! If you ever need a hand with anything she is always around and willing to help.

Helen is the TEFL programme manager and she has been in Madrid for 6 years so far. If you’ve already applied to our programme, then you will have definitely spoken to her. She is the person you have to reach out to if you need advice on jobs, housing, payments or any type of support you might need (except for homework, she will ignore you if you ask for help with that!). Keep her happy by giving her loads of chocolate!

Karmen is the school manager and she is VERY easy to spot since she is the loudest person in the office as well as having the craziest hair. Karm is a problem-solver, so no matter what issue you are having, she’ll find a way to sort it out. She speaks 7 languages (unless we are forgetting one!) and if you are lucky, she might give you a class in one of them…

We are all looking forward to meeting you!