There is not much you can do about the economy at the moment but you can make the most of your time while you wait for more job opportunities to arise and use this time to travel and teach in Spain.

Game_English_teacherTeaching English in Madrid can do a lot for you and your CV. You will:

  • Learn Spanish or improve your Spanish
  • Work with lots of senior people in some of the top companies in the world
  • Gain confidence in yourself
  • Learn tangible skills and techniques that you can take with you into your next career
  • Meet amazing people and have lots of fun!

Whilst our course is a 4-week course, our support is far from only 4 weeks long. We will support you pre-, during and post course for as long as you need us. The main concerns potential teachers have are accommodation and jobs. In reality, these are the easy bits. We can organize accommodation through an agency or through our facebook page (

As for work—there is just so much work. ALL of our graduates get well-paid work after our course and we are constantly sending you new job opportunities. We won’t rest until you have all the work you want.

If you would like to find out more about our course, please email Helen: [email protected] and request our information booklet.

TtMadrid Testimonial

Chris FerrerChris Ferrer, 23

I undertook the Tt TEFL course in November 2009. I came to Madrid fresh out of university and stayed there teaching until June 2010 and I can honestly say that it was one of the best things that I have done.

Teaching was not something that I wanted to do in the long term so for me what is great about the course is that it did not tie me down to anything. The skills that I learnt and developed at Tt have all been transferable and I still use them on a day-to-day basis, for example, presentational skills for when I am presenting a pitch/proposal to my clients or even elicitation for when I am trying to gain information from them. All the experience that I gained was flexible and significantly increased my employability. For instance, I have always been a confident person but Natasha and Tem really taught me how to channel my confidence in effective ways (along with everything else that they taught me . . .) and the support that I received before, during and after the course was really unparalleled! Tt really does what it says on the tin . . .

Overall my time at TtMadrid allowed me to develop my skills and ripen my potential. I strongly believe that my experience both at Tt and in Madrid was one of the main reasons that I have now got the graduate job that I wanted.

I would strongly recommend it to anyone—even those who in the long run do not necessarily want to pursue a career in teaching.

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