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Where to Get a Good Burger in Madrid

It wasn’t always easy to find a good burger in Madrid. My expat friends and I would often complain about missing this typical American delicacy but recently it seems like there’s a new place opening every month. As if you needed an excuse, May has been dubbed ‘burger month’ making it the perfect time to explore all your options. So, cave in to your burger cravings and check out these satisfying burger joints.

Goiko Grill

The masterminds of Goiko Grill are a Venezuelan family who tirelessly dedicates their time to delivering to their clients one of the best gourmet hamburgers in Spain. The restaurant has a variety of burgers to offer, whether you are meat-lover or vegan this restaurant has more than 10 options for you! Don’t know what to choose from the menu? Don’t worry! At Goiko Burgers you can create your own style burger just the way you want it. The staff is young, hip and extremely attentive to give the best customer service experience possible.

Zombie Bar

Zombie Bar has a modern flare and some might even dare to call it ‘hipster’. What makes zombie bar special? They have their very own take on what makes a delicious burger, they use black colored buns and top it with spinach, cheese, onion tomato and your choice of meat, even with a vegan option. Besides burgers, they offer sandwiches, hot dogs, appetizers and you can also enjoy breakfast at the restaurant.


Federal Café is mostly known for their incredible brunch menu where you can have fresh, local homemade dishes but their burgers are something you don’t want to miss. They also have one of the best vegetarian burgers in Madrid.


Craving home-made delicious fries and fried onions with a fat-juicy burger on the side? MEAT is the place for you to go! Their simple menu consists of only burgers, fried onions and fries making it easy for you to find what you are looking for. The meat used for the burgers is organic, the cheese comes from England and to top it off they offer a home-made salsa. This is a truly finger-licking place so be prepared to get your hands full of sauce. The unique garage-looking restaurant makes it splendid for you to enjoy your food with family or friends. You can catch their food truck at Madreat, too.

Mad Grill and Mad Café

Mad Café is an American Style restaurant well-known for making some of the best burgers in Spain. They take pride in bringing not only great burgers but also home- made beer. After opening Mad Café, they opened a second restaurant called Mad Grill that specializes in pork BBQ ribs. Hmmmmmmm!!! Their ribs go perfectly with their coleslaw and mini baked potato with sour cream and crispy bacon bits. For desserts you can order apple crisp, brownie à la mode and, brace yourself,  New York style cheesecake. Yummy!

Cafeteria HD

This is a typical restaurant in Madrid to get a juicy burger way before the burger mania got here. Cafeteria HD offers all types of fast food dishes including hamburgers, appetizers and cocktails. Their secret burger recipe is made of ox meat and their buns are freshly made at Cafeteria HD. They also have vegetarian options just in case you are not a meat-lover. Take a look at their menu options online to get more details on their exclusive hamburgers.

Alfredo’s Barbacoa

Native New-Yorker fell in love with Spain and decided to bring his local American roots to Madrid. Alfredo’s Barbacoa is an American style restaurant that offers home recipes developed by the founder himself. The first restaurant opened in October 1981 and currently has 3 restaurants in Madrid. The menu is fairly simple and easy to order, you can choose from starter dishes to salads, barbecue and of course the burgers. Don’t feel like visiting any of the restaurants? That’s ok because they deliver their delicious hamburgers to your convenience.

Have we missed any of your favorite burger restaurants in Madrid? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.