I’ve come across a couple of good sites with warmer activities and wanted to share them as well as remember why we should include them.

Remember when you were back — or event currently — in school. Which classes did you enjoy? Which teachers did you like? What was it about the teachers and their classes that made it enjoyable? Chances are they had some kind of warm-up activity to get you thinking and pique your interest. As teachers, especially teaching English to foreigners, we need to get our students relaxed and thinking in English. Starting the class off with, “Open your book to page…” isn’t fun for anyone. There are lots of warmers that can be adapted to your lesson plan. This 5-7 minute window at the beginning of class is a great way to engage your students in English, not to mention allow any late students to not miss your lesson presentation. Give it a shot – your students will enjoy it!

Here are the helpful sites I’ve come across in the past few days:

ESL games and activities for adults

ESL Conversation Starters