If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to live an adventure and experience new things, then moving abroad could be the perfect solution! Is there anything better than getting to know other cultures? Travel? Meet new people? Learn new languages? In this blog post we’ll give you 5 reasons why 2019 should be the year when you finally achieve your New Year’s resolutions.

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Learning a new language

This is not only one of the most valued skills when it comes to finding a job, but it is also an amazing personal challenge that will open lots of doors for you when traveling or meeting people. Living abroad will give you the chance to get completely immersed in a different culture and learn a language in the fastest way possible.

Building multicultural relationships

Travelling abroad gives you a completely new perspective on the cultures you get to experience, but if you decide to stay in a place for a longer time, you will get to mingle with locals, go to non-touristic places with them and really become part of the culture. There’s no need to add that you will also make friends for life.


Now that you’ve decided to move abroad, make sure you make the most of your stay and that you visit all the places close by! Have you chosen Spain? Then make sure you go to all the amazing cities this country has to offer and that you make the most of the low-cost airplane tickets to visit England, Portugal or any other place in Europe you fancy.

Building your resume

Living abroad is something that will look great on your resume! Recruiters not only check if you are able to use a specific programme or if you have xx years of experience, but they also pay attention to your life experiences. Living abroad talks about an open-minded person, it talks about someone who adapts to situations easily, and many other things that employers are looking for.

Overcoming difficulties

When you decide to move abroad, not everything is easy as it sounds! There will be moments in which you struggle with things and you’ll have to find a way of sorting them out. From opening a bank account when you first arrive and you don’t know the language to finding a place to live… loads of things can happen! Dealing with all of these situations will make you a stronger and more decisive person, two things that will be useful for the rest of your life.

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