plaza colon in madridHere’s TtMadrid’s guide to applying for a student visa at the Spanish Consulate.


Locate your Spanish Consulate.  In many countries your place of residence can affect the consulate you will be able to apply through.

Once you locate the consulate you will apply with, visit their OFFICIAL website and print off their most up to date visa requirements. Please be aware that information can be different for each one so only go by what they say on their site.

TtTip: We often “buddy up” Alumni with incoming students. Please email Helen at [email protected] if you would like to be put in contact with alumni who went through your consulate.

Learn more about the Requirement for a student visa in Spain on our blog

Make an appointment if necessary (for most it is – especially in the USA). If so, make one immediately as the next available appointment could be some weeks or months away. Some consulates offer a visa cancellation date online but you will need to trawl through it to find one.

TtTip: Don’t put off making an appointment. One day it might be a week wait, the next day it could be a month wait.

agenda tt4-  DECIDING ON YOUR COURSE DATE AT TtMadrid:If you are planning 3 months or more in advance of the course date you want, then you have plenty of time to get everything done, your visa returned and arrive for the date of your course.

If you are working on a shorter time period (ie it is January and you want to start a course early March), you will need to work out which course fits your timescale. Once you get your appointment date, email Helen at [email protected] and she will help you work out which course is suitable for your time period.  We can then organize your visa letters.


Begin to plan out a timeline from today to the day of your appointment. Requirements often ask for medical notes, police clearance, proof of funds, proof of insurance, etc. This requires making additional appointments as well as locating offices, which will not happen overnight. Highlight any requirement that asks for a document to be “Apostille of The Hague” and /or “Notarized”. These are always an additional step to a requirement.

TtTip: Hang up a to do list and keep all dates/appointments in ONE spot. Tick off completed tasks.

Once you have compiled all the documents, review your requirements list with a fine tooth comb. Look for key words such as: “copies” “duplicates” and “originals”. You risk not being granted your visa if you fail to take everything you are asked for.

TtTip: Have a fresh set of eyes sit down with you and have them go through the requirements sheet. They will be able to spot any inconsistencies.

Arrive to your appointment early and in good spirits. If you have followed these steps you should have no problems at all. Bring a print off of your appointment to ensure that there is no confusion about your presence at the office. Submit your paper work and ask when you should have your visa returned by to you.

TtTip: Once they have accepted your submission, breathe easy and patiently wait.