Madrid is a beautiful city and a very popular year-round holiday destination. People flock in hoards to the city for the beautiful architecture, lively culture, and wonderful weather.  However, there is one thing that all tourists and Spaniards understand; in the summer it gets HOT! Now that you’re living here teaching English and summer is fast approaching you’ll soon understand this as well. While there are many ways to beat the heat, one of the most refreshing activities is jumping into a pool of cool water.  Unless otherwise stated all pools are open on average between 10am – 9pm and cost about €4.50.  There are many different types to choose from; Olympic-sized to nude sunbathing areas. So grab your suit and go for a swim! Here’s our list of pools in Madrid:

Avenida General Fanjul, 14 (Metro: Aluche)
An Olympic size pool with concrete surrounds plus a shallower full-size pool and a narrow, loop effect pool set in grassy, pine tree dotted grounds.
Tel. 917-062-868

Barrio del Pilar
Monforte de Lemos (Metro: Barrio del Pilar)
Large pool in grassy surroundings. Popular with families. Nude sunbathing area. Not a great deal of shade.
Tel. 913-147-943

Cerro Almodóvar
Crta de Valencia
Tel. 913-314-104

José del Hierro (Metro: Barrio de la Concepción)
Tel. 914-039-020

Dehesa de la Villa
Avenida Santo Angel de la Guarda (Metro: Cuatro Caminos)
Tel. 914-507-344

Ronda Sur, s/n (Renfe: Pozo)
Tel. 917-854-214

Francos Rodriguez
Numancia, 1
An Olympic-size pool plus children’s pool surrounded by trees, a sunbathing terrace and a grassy area. There are also a volleyball court and cafe/bar on the site. Topless sunbathing permitted.
Open: 10:30am-8pm.
Tel. 914-599-871

Estación de Hortaleza, s/n
Entry: adult 3.15 euros, children 1.50 euros.
Tel. 917-644-444

Hotel Emperador
Gran Via, 53 (Metro: Gran Via)
Expensive, rooftop pool with great views out over the city, filled with beautiful people. Waiter service to your lounger, scattering of Greek statues.
Open: 11am-9pm. Entry: 27 euros.
Tel. 915-472-800

José María Cagigal
Santa Pola
Tel. 915-413-746

La Elipa
O’Donnell (Metro: La Estrella)
A large sportscenter complex with water slides. Nudist sunbathing permitted.
Tel. 914-303-511

La Mina
Monseñor Óscar Romero, 41 (Metro: Eugenia de Montijo)
Tel. 914-661-278

Valdebernado (Metro: Pavones)
Tel. 917-727-121

Andrés Arteaga, 1 (Metro: Usera)
Tel. 914-766-353


Avda Rafaela Ibarra (Metro: Plaza Elíptica)
Tel. 914-692-374

Avenida de la Albufera (Metro: Miguel Hernandez)
Tel. 917-774-901

Arganda (Metro: Acacias, Pirámides and Embajadores)
Two smallish pools, one for children, surrounded by a grassy area and picnic benches. Restaurant/cafe. Gets very crowded and has limited shady areas.
Tel. 914-742-808

Piscina San Miguel
Verdad (Metro: Marqués de Vadillo)
In addition to its regular mixed area, the San Miguel also has an area dedicated specifically to women only.
Entry: Mon-Sat, adults 5.20 euros, children 2.20 euros; Sun, adults 6 euros, children 2.70 euros. Special rate for a 10-day pass.
Tel. 915-695-607

Plata y Castañar
Paseo Plata y Castañar, 7 (Renfe: Puente de Alcocer)
Tel. 915-051-532

San Blas
Avda de Hellín (Metro: San Blas)
Entry: adult 3.15 euros, children 1.50 euros.
Tel. 913-209-818

San Fermín
La Estafeta (Metro: Legazpi)
Tel. 917-922-102

San Juan Bautista
Treviana (Metro: Avenida de la Paz)
Tel. 914-164-259

Santa Ana
Paseo Alamedillas (Metro: Fuencarral)
Tel. 913-721-138

Arroyo del Olivar 61 (Metro: Portazgo)
Entry: adult 3.15 euros, children 1.50 euros.
Tel. 913-030-608


Paseo del Polideportivo (Metro: Vicalvaro or San Cipriano)
Entry: adult 3.15 euros, children 1.50 euros.
Tel. 917-769-874

Mundial 86
Jose Martínez de Velasco (Metro: Sainz de Baranda)
A large pool with a youngish clientele. Studenty atmosphere.
Entry: Mon-Fri, adults 3.60 euros/children 1.35 euros; Sat/Sun, adults 5.25 euros, children 1.80 euros.
Tel. 914-095-301

Parque Deportivo Puerta de Hierro
Ctra del Pardo (Metro: Moncloa, then take bus number 133 or 83)
Usually described as the biggest pool in Europe, also has a children’s pool. Sun loungers available. Fairly exclusive. The complex has a couple of good restaurants and bars.
Entry: adults 9 euros, children 3 euros.
Tel. 91 316 15 48

Villa Rosa
Final Mota del Cuervo (Metro: Esperanza)
Entry: adults 3 euros, children 1.35 euros.
Tel. 913-003-612

Instalación Deportiva Municipal Francos Rodríguez
Numancia, 1 (28039)
Bus: 44, 127, 128, 132
Metro: Francos Rodríguez

Adults: 3.80 euros, Over 65’s: 0.90 euros, Under 16’s: 2.15 euros

Club Deportivo Canal de Isabel II
C/ Cea Bermúdez 2
28003 MADRID
Metro: Canal
(This is one of the largest sporting clubs in Spain)

Adults: 3.80 euros, Over 65’s: 0.90 euros, Under 16’s: 2.15 euros

Instalación Deportiva Municipal Casa de Campo
Casa de Campo
Bus: 31, 33, 36, 39, 65 and 138
Metro: El Lago/Puerta del Ángel

Adults: 3.80 euros, Over 65’s: 0.90 euros, Under 16’s: 2.15 euros

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