The abono joven has tons of advantages and benefits! If you’re under 26 years old, the youth card or “Abono Joven” costs only 20 euros per month or 240 euros per year (there is currently a 50% discount on Madrid’s public transport services). It allows you to use all types of transportation including metro, bus, and commuter train (Cercanías). There are also lots of things you can do for free.  Not only you’ll be saving some money, but will significantly reduce your carbon footprint!

 How to get Madrid’s public transport card?

How to the abono joven cardYou can order it online or get an appointment in the offices of the Public Transport Card. You’ll need to have the following documents:

– Recent passport-size photo. Close to TtMadrid, there are quite a few machines that allow you to take a photo in 3 minutes.

– DNI, NIE, passport, or residence permit.

– The request form, which you will fill in during your appointment.

They’ll give it to you immediately, so once you have the public transport card in your hands, here’s all you need to know about what you can do with it! 

Advantages of the Abono Joven

Advantajes of the abono jovenMadrid is divided into different areas and the price of traveling from one zone to another differs. In the public transport system, there are eight fare zones that not only cover six parts of the Community of Madrid but also include two of the Castilla La Mancha.

With the Abono Joven, you can travel through all the fare zones from A to E2, otherwise having to pay a separate fee for each of the areas. Stay tuned to the second part of our blog dedicated to all the places the Abono Joven can take you to for free!

Additionally, you can get free entry to Prado, Reina Sofía, and Thyssen-Bornemisza Museums through an express ticket office.

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It offers important advantages in terms of security; if you lose it or have it stolen, you can go to the offices of the Public Transport Card to cancel it and get a duplicate, just paying a fee of 6 euros.

When CAN’T you use the abono joven?

When can't you use the abono joven?The Abono Joven doesn’t cover a part of a payment on routes that exceed the fare zones and cannot be used for AVE, the service of high-speed rail in Spain that offers long-distance trips and leads to Barcelona, Sevilla, Málaga, other cities of Spain and France.

Also, the Abono Joven cannot be used for Avant services, which offer medium-distance trips between Madrid and Toledo/ Cuenca/Guadalajara.

You can’t lend your transport card to anyone, because the Public Transport Card is personal and non-transferable. If you violate this rule you may have to pay a penalty fee of between 100 and 200 euros.

Take proper care of your Public Transport Card and enjoy what it has to offer! Check out our blog on the Most beautiful rural escapes close to Madrid to find out more about places to travel and our blog for more information about Madrid. Teaching English allows you to set your own schedule leaving lots of time to travel, so be sure to check out our leading TEFL course in Spain.