Check out the third part of our series of ESL activities by the TtMadrid TEFL team. Your students will love them and learn a ton and they will make your classes even more dynamic and fun. Take a look at part 1 and part 2 as well!

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1. ESL activity: Christmas Clapping Song

Level: Any

Group size: Any

Time: 20 minutes

Preparation: Find a level appropriate Christmas carol and pick the vocabulary words.

Christmas Songs

Instructions:  Choose a holiday song appropriate for the level of your students. Choose 7-10 vocab words from the song & teach your students. Next assign a word to each student (more if there are fewer students). Play the song and every time they hear their word they must stand up and clap!

2. ESL activity: Scavenger Hunt

Level: A2 & up

Group size: Any

Time: 10-15 minutes

Preparation: Split your students into teams of two and give them each a prize that they must hide for the other team to find. (Chocolate is always a good idea!)

Treasure Map

Instructions: Each team must write a series of clues leading the other team to the prize! (e.g. Your next clue is ‘inside’ the fridge). This is a great activity for bringing prepositions of place to life!

PRO TIP: For 121 classes, pre-write the clues for your student and use this activity as a practice.

3. ESL activity: Go Fish – Homophone Edition

Level: B1 & up

Group size: 1 to 1, 2 to 1, Group

Time: 10 minutes

Materials: Deck of cards with homophones on them.

Instructions: Just like the classic card game, begin by dealing out all of the cards. Then each student goes around asking other students for cards to make a matching pair.
                    Student A:  ¨Do you have a card that sounds like ‘ate’?¨
                    Student B:  ¨Yes, I do.¨ *(Hands over ‘eight’)*


4. ESL activity: I Spy

Level: A1/A2
Group size: Any
Time: 5-10 minutes
Preparation: Print off about 30 pictures that include your target language and tape them all around the class.

Shapes and Colors
Instructions: This activity is great for getting your students to practice describing things using shapes, colors, textures etc. Divide your students into pairs. One student begins describing their chosen picture by saying ‘I spy something square and green…’ and the other student must then looka round the room and quess what their partner is talking about based on their description.

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