Spanish Classes in Madrid

Embarking on your journey and exchanging the comfort of your hometown and family for life in Madrid can be stressful—especially if you don’t speak the language or haven’t practiced in a while. That’s exactly why the Spanish classes in Madrid at LAE Madrid Spanish Language School provide you with the opportunity to combine your life as an English teacher with a social life in Madrid. This is possible because of the flexibility and comfort we offer.

Spanish_Courses_LAE_MadridBesides the Spanish classes included in your program, we encourage you to take additional classes at LAE Madrid school. We will make sure we find you the course best suited to your needs.  Using a level test we choose the options that can be easily integrated into your schedule and your proficiency level. Some of the most popular courses with English teachers are the intensive courses.These include 20 hours of classes per week and are specially developed to improve your Spanish at a fast pace. These courses will help you to achieve the fluidity needed for comfortable life in Madrid.

The intensive Spanish courses also can be combined with individual classes (power hours). We’re talking about one-to-one classes with your teacher that help further improve your skills and concentrate on the aspects of the language you find most difficult. These classes will be designed just for you and fully focus on your specific needs. We will help you to prepare an exam, practice for a job interview, improve your writing skills, or just practice the conversational Spanish for long chats with your coworkers.

The other popular choice among English teachers is the evening course. It consists of 3 hours of classes per week divided between two days (an hour and a half each day), starting after 7pm. This course is best suited for those who have other responsibilities during the day.

Spanish courses LAE MadridIf you’re looking for the middle ground between the intensive and part-time courses, LAE Madrid also offers semi-intensive courses. They include 10 hours of classes per week and have 3 scheduling options. Their flexibility is perfect for those who teach mostly during the evening hours.

If your schedule gets too hectic to come to the school, LAE Madrid also provide online classes. This means you can enjoy 50 minutes with your teacher as well as all the LAE Madrid advantages, from the comfort of your own sofa!

On top of all this, La Aventura Española arranges different cultural activities every week. With the school you’ll continue practicing your Spanish, make new friends, and learn more about Spain and Spanish. You can’t lose!

These are just a few of the courses that LAE Madrid offers. The school has many other courses with the best native teachers who have lots of experience and passion for teaching! In these entertaining and interactive classes you’ll notice how your Spanish improves until the point when you become a real madrileño.

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