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If you’re looking to teach abroad and make your time count, then look no further than Madrid! It’s one of the most popular international education hubs in Europe and offers a buzzing, open-minded capital city, as well as an immersion in the Spanish culture and language.

Madrid is rated among the safest cities in Europe in recent years and is famous for its efficient public transportation system, its diverse cuisine, and its exciting cultural, leisure, and gastronomic offerings.

You can really make your teach abroad year count by improving your Spanish in Madrid too! It’s one of the best places to learn Spanish and the wide array of museums, galleries, and theatrical offerings means that you’ll have plenty of ways to practice and immerse yourself throughout your time in Madrid.

Earn Money Teaching Abroad!

It’s hard to move abroad with enough savings to last a whole year – so why not make money while you build your CV, learn another language and travel to your heart’s content?


One of the easiest and most rewarding ways to earn money during your gap year is to teach English! There is a huge amount of work for native and native-level English speakers that are qualified and eager to share their language with students around the world.

From group classes with business professionals to teaching children in academies, you’ll have the freedom to create your own timetable, choose what type of English classes you want to teach, as well as give yourself Friday off so you can catch a flight to make the most of the weekend!


An accredited TEFL Certification allows you to work as an English Teacher in Spain – and anywhere in the world.

At TtMadrid, we offer a Level 5 TEFL course (foundation degree level), with real teaching practices so you’ll be fully prepared to start teaching English within a couple of weeks of arriving in Spain and we also guarantee you’ll get work straight away.

We help you with all your paperwork, provide your invitation to get a visa for Spain should you need one, and generally just offer you a safety net so your study abroad experience will be one to remember for all the right reasons.

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Our accredited TEFL Certification allows you to work as an English Teacher in Spain – and anywhere in the world.


    Make the most of your adventures in Europe!

    Our TEFL courses set you up for a successful study abroad year

    We offer programs for EU and non-EU citizens and provide help with all the paperwork you’ll need!


    Our accreditation makes our certificate valid to work worldwide


    our course is equivalent to a diploma of Higher Education (DipHE) 


    Receive daily alerts to create your flexible schedule


    Learn Spanish with our Sister Spanish School

    TtMadrid has contacts at over 300 agencies and academies!

    What our students say about our TEFL Courses

    Chris Wacanno
    Chris Wacanno
    I am so glad I did the TEFL course at TtMadrid. It was intensive, but very worthy! The teachers/staff are nice and they support you all the way. You will learn better English and how to teach (Spanish) students, even if you haven't got any teaching experience like I had (I have to say, I did have some coaching experience, but many of my fellow students didn't). You will get prepaired for your life as an English teacher. TtMadrid promises and delivers! 😉 And not only do they teach you well, but they also 'take care of you': getting legal, applying for jobs, not feeling lost in your new big city that Madrid might be; they will always help you. And maybe it's gonna be a bit of an emotional ride - and even then they will support you - it's gonna be worth every euro.
    Nathan Miller
    Nathan Miller
    The TEFL course with TT Madrid has been rewarding. I got the chance to teach real students and I noticed significant progress throughout the course. The team here were really involved. They provided much needed insight into multiple aspects of teaching English from the course curriculum and their own experience. I am grateful for the support from Carlos with the residency card process and his overall attitude towards helping his students.
    Rachel Ullrich
    Rachel Ullrich
    I had a great experience at TtMadrid. The TEFL course was very thorough and I learned many effective teaching techniques. I recommend this course, if you are considering teaching abroad!
    Sawyer Boyd
    Sawyer Boyd
    100% would do it again! I was hesitant at first given the financial commitment, but it was beyond worth it. They do a great job preparing you to teach ESL properly, are very well organized, and have an effective teaching philosophy. More importantly, they have an amazing office culture, where employees are eager to help you and will invest their personal time into making sure that you succeed. They also do a create job of creating personal relationships with the students, and organizing activities outside of teaching that allow you to make friends with other students (and staff) that last beyond the length of the teaching course. Although a job isn’t going to be handed to you after the TEFL course, a small amount of effort in applying for teaching positions will land you a job quickly, and the demand for English teachers is insane. Personally, I am very happy with my current job (wouldn’t have had the connection without TTMadrid), and I’ve been able to teach Business English on-site at corporate offices. If you’re deciding between TEFL schools, this is a no-brainer, especially if you have a desire to make social and professional connections.
    Elizabeth Thornton
    Elizabeth Thornton
    An amazing and super educational experience with TtMadrid. On day 1 I was anxious about the prospect of teaching but by the end of the course, I finished feeling extremely confident and informed in my teaching practices. The teachers Andrea and Carlos were so helpful and supportive throughout the course and the admin team are equally great in helping you get settled in Madrid. Hands down would reccomend Tt Madrid and their TEFL course to anyone looking at getting their TEFL Certificate! Thankyou Tt Madrid!
    Ian Kinsley
    Ian Kinsley
    This was an excellent course. The teachers were welcoming and friendly and went above and beyond to support me during the four weeks. There were opportunities to meet with teachers one to one to discuss teaching practice and feedback was always given in written and oral form. I liked this because I knew where I needed to improve. The teachers were relaxed and fun to be around. It was an intensive course but I learned a lot and feel confident to teach now! TtMadrid helped me open a bank account, made appointments for me regarding legal paperwork, which made it easier for me to adapt to Spanish culture. All in all, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course to anyone who wants to get an accredited TEFL teaching certificate!
    Get your TEFL certificate in only 4 weeks. Course numbers are limited.