Tired of living to work instead of working to live? Helen tells us all about how the TEFL course in Spain changed her life for the better. This is a great way of living a life where you can do a job that you love and also have lots of free time to spend in yourself.

The Spanish culture, sunny weather, and great food helped her decide to make this country her home!

Teaching English in SpainNationality: British

Studies: Degree in Optometry

Years in Madrid: 9 years

TtMadrid Course: January 2009

My life was completely different back in the UK. I worked as an optometrist and spent most of my time working and was stressed all of the time. A better work-life balance is what I needed the most, where I had free-time (especially weekends) to enjoy myself and not just live to work.

I was thinking about moving abroad but I didn’t want it to be a holiday. I wanted it to mean something and be a positive addition to my CV. TEFL  seemed like the perfect solution. Some much-needed sun and Spanish wine, and a career that would allow me to grow professionally and offer me flexibility.

Why did you choose Tt Madrid for your TEFL course in Spain?

When I did my TEFL, TtMadrid was well-established and had great contacts for work, which was one of my main priorities. Even though I wanted to have less stress, I still had bills to pay! Once I was a trained TEFL teacher I spent many years working around Madrid at companies like Coca-Cola.

Teaching allowed me to dictate my own schedule, while clocking off and enjoying my free time. Being organised and making sure that my classes were prepared was easy to fit in with long evenings enjoying the sunshine on a terrace and making the most of all the cultural things that Madrid has to offer.

I eventually returned to TtMadrid to work. I am the first point of contact of potential TEFL trainees and help our new students with everything they need to make their TEFL dreams come true in Madrid. Any questions about visas, moving to Madrid or starting your TEFL life, and I am the person to go to!

What have you discovered about yourself since you moved?

Madrid gave me an additional language, which is something I am extremely proud of, and I managed to meet new people and carve out a new life in a new city. I came looking for a break from life and less stress and ended up finding exactly where I wanted to be in the world.

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