TtMadrid’s method includes Error and Correction but in practice, after the course is over, do you sometimes find correction difficult to implement during classes? Do you feel like it can ruin the flow of conversation? Or simply don’t correct enough? Our grad, Christine Stallone, offers some top advice on the perfect way to correct students’ errors.

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This is a proven and effective technique for classes from 1-5 students in just seven steps

  1. Bring one index card (or cut up pieces of paper) per student to class.
  2. As your students speak, write down any errors they make, then cross them out and write it correctly above.
  3. If they seem to use the same words/phrases often, think of alternatives for them. For ex: very happy —> elated, excited
  4. If there are words mispronounced, put the word in [brackets] (Additionally, if it is a particularly difficult word you can spell it phonetically in Spanish)
  5. Just like we were taught to have an organized board when teaching, you should do the same with your index card. Here is an example of a system that works for me:

Perfect way to correct student image

  1. At the end of class, review their mistakes with each student. Review pronunciation as a class while you drill the word 🙂
  2. Then give the cards to them to keep/practice & you’re off the hook!

– Christine Stallone