On the last day of the course you’ll go through a mock TEFL interview to get you ready for the real world as a newly certified English teacher. Woohoo! The interview lasts about 7 minutes and to help you improve you’ll get immediate feedback. The interview is part of your final grade. These are 3 tips that will help you ace it:

Tip 1

On your TEFL course you will have completed a whole range of coursework and lesson plans. Take your best lesson plans with you and the materials you have created. Show the interviewer the type of lesson that you are capable of. Show them your needs analysis and level test that you have designed. On most modern courses now, you will have created an executed a telephone class. This is a boom area in teaching English so again, show them your material.

Tip 2

Make sure you use the terminology that you have been using on your TEFL course. Elicitation, modelling, CCQ, minimal teacher talk time and the many others that you will have become familiar with.

For example: “I find that when I teach beginner and elementary classes, it is really important that I keep my TTT low and model. I try to back up what I am saying with simple gestures that I keep consistent. I also keep this in mind when trying to elicit and I use the board to help the students understand what I am asking for”.

Tip 3

As with all interviews – be honest but give solutions to any problems you have had on your course. Many graduates are still afraid of grammar after their course, if this is the case with you, explain that you found grammar a struggle but you always prep and plan your classes ahead and will ensure you are up to date with the grammar structures you are teaching. It is about instilling confidence in the interviewer.

More tips to come soon