Do you need a place to teach your business students? …Do a yoga workshop? …or even hold a seminar?

If you’re trying to position yourself as offering a high standard of service, telling a client to come to your house for a class and having major distractions, like your dog barking in the next room or the phone ringing, will  feeling that the space just isn’t giving the right impression.

Some of the benefits of renting a place for your business are:

  • More flexibility: By having a space specifically rented for a business purpose, you can afford to increase the number of students that sign up, without wondering if they are going to fit.
  • Professional image: Ensure that you are giving your clients the best impression of your services by holding your classes in a venue that is well-connected and well-equipped. If you’re hosting a coaching session for the managers of a multinational, you’ll want somewhere that makes a strong impression.
  • Other amenities: Need somewhere to host a day’s intensive that has facilities for numerous students? You can rent somewhere that gives you access to WCs, a kitchen, vending machines and also places to relax during breaks.

Renting a space can be the ideal solution but it’s difficult to find somewhere that presents your services well, as well as being reasonably priced. TtMadrid is part of LETS, Language Education Training Spain, which has great facilities for this type of activities. Easily accessible by numerous public transport routes, our school has several classrooms and rooms for events that are ideal for conferences, private lessons, lectures, workshops or business meetings, among others.

Nicole Keepers who is a trained yoga teacher has held several classes in our facilities and says:

‘As a yoga teacher, I absolutely love renting a room with Aulas de Alquiler Madrid! The classes are beautifully lit and the spaces are flexible and can be set up for numerous people, in a variety of layouts. I love that the room adapts perfectly for my group yoga classes and that my students can take advantage of the kitchen and the other facilities in the building.’

To check out the different classrooms we have, visit Aulas Alquiler Madrid. Here you will find photos of all of the spaces, contact details, and a form to make reservations. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!