The COVID-19 pandemic has changed pretty much everything about our lives and travel has become a dream that’s currently just out of reach. If you’ve been planning on getting your TEFL certificate but have never found the right time or been putting off changing your career and working remotely even, then it might be that destiny is knocking on your door.

The rules have changed for work, education and travel in the last few weeks and the teaching English industry has got on board and is moving fast to make the most of any opportunities that come from such a universal change in our day-to-day.

Work from home, teach students all over the world, have a recession-proof way of earning a living that works with any schedule – a career in teaching English as a Foreign language has so many benefits. Here are just some of the reasons why this is the perfect time to get into the TEFL industry:

People will always invest in education

Online TEFL

The demand for qualified teachers has always been high and when spending gets tight, education continues to be something that people invest in. No matter the economical situation in the world, education has always been and will always be prioritized as investment into the future. It has become even truer in the last few years when investing in material things stopped being so popular and we saw a philosophy of investing money and time in adventures and education increasing.

Earn extra money and add to your CV!

You can use your TEFL certificate to teach English in your spare time if you’re looking to get some extra income and it’s a great addition to your CV, given the transferrable skills involved in teaching English to adults or children.

Getting cabin fever? You’ll be set to travel for as long as you want!

Teaching English abroad has always provided a great opportunity to travel, see the world, meet new people and just experience life. That being said, most teachers stay abroad for a year-two and go back to their home countries opening TEFL job market for the next generations. This means that there always will be need for language teachers online or abroad.

Flexible professional lifestyle

Thinking of travelling or having to move to a remote place where there are less professional opportunities? Add these to the PRO column for getting your TEFL certificate. You can teach online and look for work anywhere you go while travelling. In Madrid, there is tons of work teaching English! There are also plenty of opportunities teaching online!

In just a few weeks you’ll be ready to start working

  • In just six weeks only you can get a certificate that allows you to start a new career
  • You’ll be able to work online or anywhere in the world
  • You’ll get a chance to meet people from all over the world #stayingsafe and #staying home.
  • Invest your time while there’s no travel in your future

That’s why it’s so important to choose your TEFL course right thinking about the future. TtMadrid offers its grads lifetime job support regardless of where they are or how long has it been since they’ve done the course, be it in normal situation or in the midst of pandemic.
Our Virtual TEFL Course is perfect as it can be completed in real-time from anywhere in the world. Our trainers based in Madrid are experienced in giving online training and will walk you through the whole course so you become confident teaching online. Once you’ve received your Virtual TEFL Certificate, you’ll also be able to move to Spain at a later date through our visa programs, minus the cost of your Virtual TEFL Course.

If you want to chat about the current TEFL job market and your options, get in touch with our TEFL Program Manager Helen ([email protected]). She’s our own know-it-all about all things TEFL and will be able to help you decide if the course is for you.