Lifestyle Program Non EU

Do you already have an accredited TEFL course (120-hour on-site, minimum 6 observed teaching practices) and want to live and improve your Spanish in Madrid?

English_teachers_tefl_madridIf your course doesn’t meet these requirements, such as an online course, don’t worry, and get in touch with Helen ( and she will talk you through your options.

If yes, then keep reading!

Who is this course designed for?

For those of you that already have a fully accredited TEFL, want to come and live and teach in Madrid but don’t have a European passport. If you do have an EU passport, and an accredited TEFL, visit our LifeStyle EU Program page. 

How much does it cost and what does it include?

  • 2200€
  • 36 weeks of Spanish (10 hours p/w), cultural activities and workshops at our Spanish Academy (10p/w), LAEMadrid, on campus
  • Help finding accommodation
  • Help buying a phone
  • Help setting up a bank account
  • Making your appointments for your NIE number and provide you with the packs, forms and maps (this is your legal identity number in Spain and you need to live here legally.
  • At TtMadrid, we help you make the most of your study time in Spain by finding you teaching work with companies offering legal contractual agreements which are duly presented to the appropriate Government authorities. We have 100% job placement success and you will receive daily alerts during your year in Spain with the best job offers on the market.
  • Advice about the pay, work, conditions, interviews, etc.
  • Use of our school, library, computers, etc. for studying and preparing
  • Introduction to recent graduates who will become your initial support network (we have a fun and lively graduate network!)

This package includes becoming part of our family which may seem a bit of a weird thing to say when you haven’t met us, but trust us: it is a nice family to be part of!

100% of the qualified teachers who have joined our Spanish Lifestyle Program have found work teaching English as a Foreign Language while studying here in Madrid.

What is my next step?

Email Helen on with a copy of your CV or an explanation of your background, goals and a scanned copy of your TEFL qualification. She will take it from there!

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