On day one of the TEFL course, we jump straight in.  We have only 4 short weeks and there isn’t a minute to lose.

The Director of Studies kicks off the day with a fun warmer (2 truths and a lie) which gives you some very funny insights to your new classmates and help get over the first-day nerves!

We then move to the introduction to the school, the timetable and how the days will run.  We talk about the rules of the school which mainly are about respect for your peers, trainers and especially the students who attend the free English classes that you practice on.

After a short break, it is straight in with an introduction to grammar.  This is often the toughest part of a TEFL course especially for those that are British as it is rarely taught in school.

We have a pre-course grammar pack that we send out before the course which is a very basic introduction to grammar.  We go through the grammar and this gives us a good indication as to what level you are at and what extra support you might need early on in the course.

Next a buffet lunch and as we are in Spain, a glass of wine or beer just to be sociable!

At 2pm the students arrive for the free English classes.  On Monday, it is Elementary and Upper Intermediate level.  Upper Intermediate can have sporadic attendance but the elementary group has the largest numbers and our most dedicated students.

On the first day, we normally have a mingle with the students so the trainees can get to know them.   Today it gave us the opportunity to get the trainees started on their Learner Profile project where they work in a group of 4 to assess the needs of a student.  It’s a difficult project but one which really tests all your newly acquired skills as you go through the course.

In the afternoon, we checked in with the trainees so ensure their accommodation was all as it should be.  A couple of girls did not have clean and warm bedding when they arrived so phone calls were made to the accommodation agents.  Their money was refunded for the duvets they bought and huge apologies  – and rightly so.

The last class of the day is part 1 of lesson planning.  Lesson planning is one of the core elements of the course and you will spend a lot of time doing it.

Successful first day, no tears, lots of laughs and lots of learning – you can’t ask for more than that.

Stay tuned for day 2 tomorrow!!