Day 2 is the day it dawns on our trainees that the ‘intensive’ bit we put in front of the name of our TEFL course, might actually mean ‘intensive’.

The January group have really bonded and whilst there are only 2 guys on the course, they are certainly holding their own.  They go out for lunch together, go off to get their mobile phones and are becoming a very supportive team.

Today was the day when the trainees got to see their first class. Megan did a display intermediate class and Temura a display pre-intermediate class.  There was certainly lots of laughs coming from the pre-intermediate group as they hadn’t seen each other for a month and there was lots of catching up to do (in English of course).

The display classes are an opportunity for the new trainees to see the methodology in action and also an opportunity to meet the students they will be teaching next week.

The intermediate group is always a surprise as the students are really good and love debate classes where they can show of their English ability.

Each trainee is also required to study a part of speech and present their findings to the rest of the class. This is the start of your grammar journey and it is also the start of your mini teaching practices.

Another good day and the trainees are well on their way to becoming budding teachers!