One of the biggest problems when choosing your TEFL course  is that you generally have to trust their site and what they say, sign up and pay your money all in the hope that its real.  So how can you know if a TEFL course is legit? Here’s how to protect yourself:

  • Annoy them with lots of emails.  If they want  your business and they are legit, they will keep emailing you back and answer your questions.
  • Ask to speak to a few graduates so you can contact them directly and find out more about the program.
  • Most TEFL courses  have a Facebook group (or graduates will have set one up). Join it so that you get a real feel for who takes the course and how they found it.
  • If they say they are accredited or members of an association, check it out on the internet and email them to check if their claims are true.
  • Be careful of forums as the information is often inaccurate or posted by those who own the courses.

Most of all do as much research as possible. The extra time you spend is well worth the investment you will put in to finding the TEFL course that is right for you.

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