September and October are the big months for teaching as it is the start of the new academic year if you are teaching in Spain and looking for new TEFL jobs.  Most schools, academies and agencies like to get at least some of their full time posts covered in July so its the perfect time to update your CV and send it out to the TEFL employers in Spain. Most people don’t know how to write a TEFL CV that will catch an employers eye and ultimately get them the job. Read through these guidelines to see if yours checks out!

Have another good look at your CV and make sure the employers can see the most important parts first.  It is worth considering the following

  • a short profile at the top explaining what you are looking for and what you have been doing ie I am a TEFL teacher looking for jobs working within an academy.  I have TEFL experience with children (aged 4-16), adults for both business and general English and exam prep courses etc
  • Separate TEFL or other teaching experience from other work/business experience.  This makes sure the most relevant experience  is highlighted ie teaching
  • If you have had teaching experience then make sure there is plenty of detail about what you did, groups; one to one classes; business English; general English; children; adults; exam prep etc. they more information you give the easy it is for the employer to match you to current TEFL jobs.
  • With business experience, make sure the description is general and well thought out. There is no point including lots of technical detail that does not mean anything to the reader. They want to see how your background make be a good fit with business English students they have.
  • Don’t include things in your personal interests that make you look as if you are likely to leave tomorrow ie I like to travel and live in other countries and experience new cultures (AKA I might leave tomorrow to go and live somewhere else!)
  • Get a friend to proof read the CV as its often difficult to spot your own mistakes and mistakes for an English teacher create a bad impression.

2 pages is a perfect length.  Check your mobile number and email address are correct and start sending it out. There is a huge demand for TEFL jobs in Spain so make hay while the sun shines!

Good luck!