When I signed up for my TEFL (oh so many moons ago), I had absolutely no idea what to expect.   These days there is much more information on the TEFL websites. Facebook and a whole range of forums talking about it but still trainees come to the course with very little idea about what they are in for!

The next series of posts will track the progress of our current January course.  A mix of Americans, Brits, Irish, Dutch and Maltese, our own little United Nation.  They are between mid-twenties to mid-thirties.

We introduced the group to each other last week so they could meet up for a drink on Sunday before the course and there are already plans afoot to get housing  together – so I am guessing it was a good Sunday afternoon drink.

A TEFL course is a rewarding experience, but it is damn hard work. I am hoping the following posts over the next 4 weeks will give you a better insight into the highs and lows of taking the course.