So excited to be almost done with the TEFL course!!

Day 17

Lots of grammar review today, but I needed it because the accreditation company wants us to be able to not only identify verb tenses, but to give definitions of them. The definitions parts I’m having trouble with because some are really close. I feel good about phonetics, but I’m sure I’ll make a mistake or two transcribing a word into the correct symbols. The other things like identifying all parts of the sentence I feel good about, so we’ll see how it goes tomorrow!

Day 18

Grammar exam is over!!! And I did really well, if I do say so myself. 😀 Remember the Russian and Croatian classes we either had to take or write about to know what it’s like to be an absolute beginner? I got that back today and also did really well, so today has been great so far! I’m waiting my turn to teach later and then I’ll be able to focus on my  last class that I’m giving tomorrow. Can’t believe we’re almost done!

Day 19

The last academic day! I had my last teaching practice and we had our final classes. It’s kind of strange to have all of the hard parts over! Just have to meet with a moderator tomorrow for our last grade.

Day 20 – LAST DAY!!!!

Wow, it definitely was the longest and shortest four weeks! Today we met with an outside moderator to talk about what we’ve learned, what we still want to improve, etc. It was nice to get some feedback on our interview skills. Then later we received our certifications!! Everyone in my group passed – congrats guys! Thanks to my friends and family for their words of encouragement! I’m still not adjusted to the fact that we’re done. I already have some emails from academies look for teachers so time to focus on that. I’ll continue to post how it goes post-TEFL course life. 🙂