Almost half way through TtMadrid’s TEFL course 🙂

Day 9

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Phonetics class, but it’s just clicking and I’m loving it! It’s like a puzzle…or using a different part of the brain…? Anyway, I don’t have it down after just two classes, but it’s so far been coming pretty easily.

We met with our Learner Profilee to give the Needs Analysis questionnaire that we created and also a speaking test with questions that we created to help us analyze students’ levels. Luckily our student has a good level!

Day 10

We spent a good part of the day working on lesson plans. I feel caught up, but then again I only taught once this week and have three classes next week. Overall I feel right on track with the workload. I have my assignments to do this weekend for our group project and I also have to write up a lesson plan for the Croatian class I observed today. (Remember, last Friday I took part in a Russian class!).