A TEFL Teacher's: Quick Stress Busters for the Classroom
A TEFL Teacher’s Quick Stress Busters for the Classroom

Let’s face it.  As much as you love it…teaching abroad can be downright stressful!  We can’t always control what life throws…

ESL Pronunciation s and z sounds

Useful tips for pronunciation practice activities in the ESL classroom. This post focuses on the ‘s’ and ‘z’ problems that ESL learners encounter when learning English

TEFL and Technology
TEFL and Technology

Using technology in the TEFL classroom, video, podcasts and interactive white boards

TEFL in the classroom – level or competency?
In the TEFL classroom: level or competency?

TEFL and how to deal with confidence in the classroom. Looking at the different between level and competency.

TEFL Resource Websites
TEFL Resource Websites

TEFL resources and websites that will make teaching more fun

Is a TEFL course legit?
How can you know the TEFL course is legit?

How to find a TEFL course that is legit.