TEFL Course day 4
Day 4 TEFL Course

Day 4 TEFL course is a great day as the trainees get their first UNL class.  The Unknown Natural Language…

TEFL Course
Day 3 – TEFL Course

Day 3 in the TEFL course and it was time to do my display in class.  Business English has always been my specialty…

TEFL course day 2
Day 2 – TEFL Course

Day 2 is the day it dawns on our trainees that the ‘intensive’ bit we put in front of the…

Day 1 TEFL Courtse
TEFL Course

On day one of the TEFL course, we jump straight in.  We have only 4 short weeks and there isn’t…

intro to TEFL Course
An Introduction to TEFL

When I signed up for my TEFL (oh so many moons ago), I had absolutely no idea what to expect….

TEFL websites and resources
TEFL websites and resources

There are an amazing number of TEFL websites out there to help you prepare for teaching your English classes.  There…