Tips for Successful TEFL interviews
Tips for a Successful TEFL interview

On the last day of the course you’ll go through a mock TEFL interview to get you ready for the…

TEFL Course day 4
Day 4 TEFL Course

Day 4 TEFL course is a great day as the trainees get their first UNL class.  The Unknown Natural Language…

TEFL Course
Day 3 – TEFL Course

Day 3 in the TEFL course and it was time to do my display in class.  Business English has always been my specialty…

TEFL course day 2
Day 2 – TEFL Course

Day 2 is the day it dawns on our trainees that the ‘intensive’ bit we put in front of the…

Day 1 TEFL Courtse
TEFL Course

On day one of the TEFL course, we jump straight in.  We have only 4 short weeks and there isn’t…

intro to TEFL Course
An Introduction to TEFL

When I signed up for my TEFL (oh so many moons ago), I had absolutely no idea what to expect….