‘Tell me about yourself’ is a simple warmer that most teachers use to start with a new group. However, it rarely ever gets an enthusiastic response as the students have done it a thousand times before. This is even more challenging when it’s a low level group such as elementary and pre-intermediate where you can’t have a discussion.

If the students have a lower level, the ‘star gam’e can be a simple and effective warmer for a first class. To play, you draw a star on the board and at each point write some information about yourself.


Natasha, Madrid, England 36, chocolate, blue

You then say:

My name is Natasha

I live in Madrid

I am from England

I am 36 years old

I like chocolate

My favourite colour is blue

Each student then completes the star and shares their information with the class.

As with any element of teaching English, how you model the first go sets the standard and the ‘how to’ for the students. If you are not enthusiastic, you can’t expect them to be. If you are not creative, giving etc, the same applies.