There are a hundreds of TEFL resource websites with games, materials, information and much more. Here are a few that will make life a little easier for Monday morning planning!

Puzzle Maker

This is a great site to help you make crosswords and wordsearches.  They are a great CCQ to test the vocab you have taught or as a warmer to test what you did in a previous class.

Handouts Online

This is a paid site (although they do have free stuff as well). However, it is well worth the 20 dollars for the subscription.  The flash cards are great and if you laminate them, you can use them again and again. They also have some great games to test tenses, prepositions, opposites etc. using  a snakes and ladders (shoots and ladders) board.

Boggles World ESL

There are a range of very simple and useful games that are in word. This means you are able to adapt and change them really easily to meet whatever skill, grammar or lexical set that you are teaching.

Make Beliefs Comix

Comic strips are often used in the TEFL text books as they are visually stimulating, fun and interactive.  This great site helps you make your own comics (or students can do their own for homework). Super easy to use, free and great quality.

ESL Flashcards

Fantastic set of free flashcards for kids, general English, business English etc.  Everything you can imagine teaching, has some flashcards on this website.

Put a bit of fun back in your classroom!