We are passionate about teaching English but if you needed any more reasons to take a TEFL Course and become a certified ESL Teacher then check out these 8 benefits of being an English teacher:

Summers Off

This is a major plus for teachers EVERYWHERE! You’ve worked hard all year putting in countless ‘extra hours’ and you deserve some time off in order to recharge your batteries. While other working professionals may think you just kick around beside the pool all summer, ESL teachers often keep quite busy working at camps, studying the language of their new host country, working as au pairs, or finally taking the trips they’ve saved up for all year. While it may not all be fun and games, there usually are at least a few weeks during the summer months to kick back and soak up some rays on the beach.

Flexible Schedule

Do you dread getting out of bed in the morning? Well let me tell you, as an ESL teacher, your schedule can be whatever you make it! If you think about it, working 20 hours a week in Spain (which can earn you a decent salary) can easily be attained by working just in the afternoon M-F or M-Th, if you’re feeling particularly driven and take more intensive hours. New teachers are often pleasantly surprised with the flexibility of their job options and hours.

Student Diversity

As an ESL teacher, there’s always an opportunity to have students from all walks of life. You may find yourself teaching a VP at Coca-Cola in the morning, children’s classes in the afternoon, and academy classes in the evening. The variety of students throughout your day will help your job from feeling stale and mundane.

Job Location

If you’re looking to broaden your horizons geographically, this is a fabulous opportunity to do so! Since English is the language that dominates the international business world, there are students everywhere looking for a certified English teacher. You could explore Seoul in South Korea, Chile in South America, or enjoy the sun and siestas in Spain! The options are endless and many jobs will offer advice and assistance with legal processes and housing.

Exposure to New Cultures

It’s one thing to visit a country and experience the culture but it’s quite another to immerse yourself in it for a period of time. Nothing will ever compare to spending ‘Noche Buena’ (Christmas Eve) stuffing your face with endless streams of homemade tapas while old Tío Antonio tells you tales of times past. Completely throwing yourself into another culture is unbelievably enriching and actually teaches you to appreciate your own even more!

International Certification

Many academies will tell you that English teachers are a dime a dozen, however, they would be hard-pressed to say the same about quality internationally certified ESL teachers. Because international certification calls for stricter standards in their programs, teachers who complete TEFL courses with this certification are usually preferred over their peers who don’t have it. Our teachers are internationally certified by IATQuO.

More autonomy with lesson plans/creativity

Traditional teachers are usually required to follow a specific curriculum and aren’t allowed much room for their own creativity. As an ESL teacher, this can vary greatly. While some academies may require you to follow specific materials, the way you implement them is wholly dependent on you which allows for more freedom to be as creative as you like as long as you are still meeting the goals set by your academy/student.

Easy to transition into from any career

Here at TtMadrid we get new students every month from all walks of life. Some are looking for the opportunity to try something new while others are interested in a complete change of careers. Teaching involves so many transferrable skills that people often realize that they have a natural ability for it soon after they begin the course. Furthermore, teaching helps fine-tune many skills such as, managing groups, and building strong communication and organizational skills. This will help to set you apart from other applicants making you a more competitive candidate.

Still, looking for more info? Check out our previous blog posts and testimonials from past TtMadrid graduates. The program coordinator Helen is always happy to answer any doubts or questions without compromise. Send her an email at [email protected] and you can even schedule a Skype session with her!