Meet our TEFL Course grad Carolina!
Carolina is originally from Canterbury Kent in England and she completed her TEFL certification August 2012 course after being inspired by her cousin, who came to Madrid to teach English and had an amazing experience.  She was looking for the opportunity she hadn’t taken advantage of in university, to live abroad and hone another language.

Prior to teaching, Carolina completed a few internships in factual television production in London before deciding to make the move to Madrid and signed up to TtMadrid. What ultimately attracted her specifically to TtMadrid was the welcoming and informational website and the friendly and helpful staff, especially how the Trainee Support Coordinator went above and beyond to help Carolina before, during and after the course. From acquiring housing to getting her legal documents in order.

When asked about her favorite part of the course, the first thing to come to mind was her graduation party.  After the formal certificate ceremony that happens at the academy, TtMadrid invited all the graduates to drinks at a cocktail bar in the city centre. Its a night filled with of a lots of laughs and reflection on the month that had just transpired. That night she celebrated her achievement with her coursemates and the TtMadrid staff.

Since graduation Caroline has gone on to fill her schedule with a variety of teaching hours. Although TtMadrid trained her for all types of classes, she has found that she prefers the upper intermediate and advanced groups because she can form lessons and discussions around more complex issues. With that said, she also really enjoys teaching younger teens because she can see the student’s progress more easily, and to see the progression so quickly is very fulfilling.

What has Madrid brought to Carolina’s plate figuratively and literally? Living in Madrid, she has discovered she loves Croquetas, Real Madrid’s famous goalkeeper Iker Casillas(she teaches at his old school!), and the exciting nightlife.  Some of her favorite areas in the city are La Latina, Malasaña and Lavapies.  

“La Latina is my neighbourhood and I love it. I might be biased, but I think it’s the best place in Madrid. I absolutely love coming back to it after a hard day’s work, and my flat here is so much better value for money compared to the flats in London. Lavapies and Malasaña are cool too, cycling through Casa de Campo, going for a boat ride in Retiro… I could go on for a while.. I have so many things still to do over here!”

When asked about what other skills TEFL teaching has provided, Carolina says confidence and communication skills are just a couple of the abilities she has acquired through teaching.  She believes these skills will be an asset in her future no matter what work field she decides to continue to pursue.

Written by: Monica Bixby